Meet The Artist

Sarsha Taylor is a freelance makeup artist based in Nassau, Bahamas. Her childhood fascination with makeup later birthed her decision to pursue a career in the beauty industry. Her professional journey as a makeup artist blossomed after completing her international certification with world renowned educator, Buntricia Bastian.

In an ever-growing industry, she found her niche and became known for her keen precision and eye for detail in creating the most meticulous, clean makeup looks. Sarsha has the natural ability to transform her clients by highlighting and enhancing the natural beauty of each of her subjects, whether utilizing bursts of color or keeping it clean, fresh and simple.

Sarsha’s creative edge and professionalism has made her one of the most talented and sought after makeup artists. She takes great pride in her work, always seeking to increase her knowledge and improve upon her artistry. Having collaborated with numerous photographers and brands, Sarsha prides herself on her reputation of producing flawless, impeccable work. With a strong work ethic, she stops at nothing to ensure her clients’ comfort and satisfaction.